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PeopleSoft to Conway: You're fired

Abrupt ouster of CEO comes after 15 months of battle against Oracle's takeover bid. Also: Trial casts unflattering light on Conway.

The abrupt ouster of CEO Craig Conway comes after 15 months of battle against a hostile takeover bid by Oracle. And in a Delaware court, testimony paints the former executive in an unflattering light.

PeopleSoft: Conway was less than honest

New trial reveals that the former CEO's exaggerations about the Oracle takeover bid led to his firing.
October 4, 2004

PeopleSoft down on testimony, forecast

Investors react to a disappointing earnings projection and to testimony that dampens hopes of negotiations with Oracle.
October 4, 2004

Microsoft rules out PeopleSoft bid

Steve Ballmer rules out acting as the white knight for the business software maker.
October 4, 2004

PeopleSoft fires CEO Conway

Board cites "lack of confidence" in its chief executive as the software maker battles a hostile takeover.
October 1, 2004

Conway to get multimillion-dollar golden parachute

Ousted PeopleSoft CEO will get a severance package of between $10 million and $20 million.
October 1, 2004

Justice Dept. won't appeal Oracle ruling

After a ruling that crushed its arguments against Oracle's plan to acquire PeopleSoft, antitrust regulators call it a day.
October 1, 2004

Conway or the highway

perspective CNET's Charles Cooper says the board is only telling half the story behind the surprise firing.
October 1, 2004

Does new PeopleSoft CEO signal a buyout?

The ouster of Conway and the return of Dave Duffield could be a prelude to PeopleSoft accepting Oracle's offer.
October 1, 2004

BEA vows to fight off suitors

But the company, which appeared on an Oracle takeover list, acknowledges that it can't stop someone from trying.
October 1, 2004 previous coverage

Oracle and PeopleSoft: In dubious battle?

perspective Knowledge@Wharton asks whether the war of attrition has been worth it for Oracle.
September 25, 2004

PeopleSoft woos through its woes

roundup At a customer conference at which the O word is being avoided, PeopleSoft tries to woo customers to upgrade and stay.
September 23, 2004