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Pandora to offer genre-based station creation

Music discovery and recommendation service Pandora offers a new way to make stations to listen to. Along with artist, song, and composer, you can now create by genre.

Pandora genre stations
Type in your desired genre and voila!

Editors' note: Since this post was published, a representative for Pandora has informed us that the new feature will not be available until Wednesday. At that time, users will be able to fully explore the functionality at the service's genre page, which is currently under construction.

Tuesday morning, Pandora introduced a handy new feature for its online streaming service: genre-based station creation. Before now, users could use only artists, songs, or composers as "seeds," which are the basis for the mixes that are then provided via the Music Genome Project. The new capability offers listeners a way to get more variety in a station without having to concoct specific artist-based mixes.

Those familiar with Pandora will have no problem using the new feature. Just type a genre into the "create a new station" field and select from the drop-down. You can then "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" tracks to fine tune the station, as well as "add variety," which was previously allowed only for the aforementioned seeds.