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Oracle confab brings out the naysayers

roundup At OpenWorld in San Francisco, Dell execs bash "big iron," quibble about Red Hat and pooh-pooh IBM-Lenovo.

As a year of merger news winds down, Oracle puts the focus on products at its OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. But there's no escaping at least some talk of takeovers.

Despite billions, Ellison can't buy a touchdown

Oracle chief slams owners of the San Francisco 49ers for rebuffing his offer to buy "the worst team in football."
December 9, 2004

I married a Java developer from outer space!

Software giant promises to send one lucky code-cruncher beyond the stratosphere.
December 8, 2004

Ellison sticks to familiar themes at annual confab

Recycles speech from last year's show and says his company would treat PeopleSoft customers right.
December 8, 2004

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CEO Larry Ellison fields questions about his PeopleSoft buyout efforts--and his interest in the San Francisco 49ers.

Oracle stretches beyond its database roots

The company details a major foray into content management and introduces updates to its application server line.
December 8, 2004

McNealy slams Oracle for pricing plans

Sun's CEO criticizes a major business partner for how it sells its software based on how many processors a server has.
December 8, 2004

Internet hoax hoodwinks McNealy

During his OpenWorld keynote, Sun's CEO inadvertently illustrates how easy it is to fall for a high-tech hoax.
December 8, 2004

Sun plans to call on Lenovo after IBM deal

Scott McNealy says he thinks Sun will have an easier time selling chance selling Java Desktop to Lenovo than Big Blue.
December 8, 2004

Oracle vows 'oversupport' for PeopleSoft customers

Business software maker promises to do everything it can to keep PeopleSoft's giant customer base.
December 7, 2004

Red Hat needs lower prices, says Dell exec

Dell executive says Linux seller is risking losing customers to free versions of the open-source operating system.
December 7, 2004

'Big iron' takes a beating

Mammoth servers are dinosaurs, Dell execs tell the crowd. Clusters--as in Dell's new MegaGrid push--are the way to go.
December 7, 2004

Fiorina: 'We've completed the transition'

HP has finished adjusting to its merger with Compaq and now needs only to deliver on existing strategies to stimulate growth, CEO says.
December 7, 2004

Michael Dell: IBM deal a dud

Says deal that would let China's Lenovo acquire IBM's PC unit would work about as well as other industry mergers--that is, not well.
December 7, 2004

Oracle uses Apple storage gear

Apple's rack-mounted storage system receives vote of confidence from the database giant.
December 6, 2004

Hub spoke at OpenWorld

Oracle President Chuck Phillips talks data hubs and PeopleSoft during his conference keynote.
December 6, 2004

HP, Oracle team for midsize-business sales

Firms announce partnership to coordinate relationships with server and software resellers who reach smaller customers.
December 6, 2004

Unisys, Oracle team on business software

They'll expand a joint engineering program designed to boost the performance of Oracle's software running on Windows.
December 3, 2004

previous coverage

Oracle shoots for the middle

Next month, firm will launch revamped middleware products for content management and application infrastructure.
November 22, 2004

Oracle wins PeopleSoft shareholder vote

PeopleSoft investors keep $9.2 billion bid in play, but the deal still faces hurdles.
November 20, 2004