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Online videos post double-digit December growth

In the dead of winter and a comatose economy, Americans posted a 13 percent sequential increase in the number of online videos viewed, according to comScore.

As Americans tuned into their computers during December, the number of online videos viewed jumped 13 percent over the previous month, according to a report released Wednesday by comScore.

In the U.S., viewers watched 14.3 billion online videos in December. That translates into nearly 150 million users watching an average of 96 videos each, comScore noted in its report.

The average viewer, meanwhile, spent more than a total of 5 hours with their eyes glued to the videos, which ran an average of 3.2 minutes. Hulu viewers, however, watched online videos that ran an average of 10.1 minutes.

comScore Inc.

Sites that attracted the most unique viewers included Google Web sites, which captured the attention of 100,092 unique visitors, who watched an average of 59 videos each.

Google received a big boost from its YouTube site, which accounted for 99 percent of the 5.9 billion videos viewed from its Web sites, according to comScore.

Other sites that attracted a sizable following included Fox Interactive Media, which had 56,895 unique viewers in December who watched an average of 7.8 videos, followed by Yahoo Web sites with 42,761 unique visitors viewing an average of 7.7 videos.