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Online help for missing children

A new site called ChildAlert by a former juvenile-court prosecutor will offer information on protecting children from abduction.

Before Tom King launched the computer-related radio talk show CompuTalk, he prosecuted juveniles in Texas.

Now he's pulling in aspects from both parts of his life by launching ChildAlert, a Web site geared to help missing and abducted children.

ChildAlert will have links to other similar sites as well as a broad array of information on how to protect against child abduction.

Although there are other sites focusing on the issue, such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, King said he aims for his site to become a clearinghouse for the resources on the Web.

"The Internet is not lacking of resources regarding missing and abducted children," stated activist Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klaas, a California girl who was kidnapped and murdered. "What Tom has created is the official first step for anyone needing relevant and fast information in this area. Now we just need Web sites of all subject matters to promote the site by displaying the promotional button on their own sites."

King said the site, paid for by advertisers, is not officially nonprofit, but he said that it is not designed to make a profit.

"Before I had launched CompuTalk, I was a criminal prosecutor...I just happen to enjoy computers even more. The strength and momentum of this show gave me the ability to help out in an area that I think is really important."