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Office 2.0 mashup tools: Longjump, Proto Software, Teqlo

Office 2.0 kicks off it's start-up group. We've got it covered.

Under the Radar's start-up group kicked off this morning with presentations from Longjump, Proto Software and Teqlo. The general theme of this group was building business solutions with easy-to-use mash-up tools. For small businesses, it's a little bit like buying lumber verses chopping down a tree.

Longjump is a subscription-based marketplace of customizable Web-based apps. Each app can be built-up and edited with drag and drop creation, and custom tailored for small groups. Longjump also provides tools and utilities to upload and integrate the data you already have. Longjump breaks down applications by category, and users can comment and rate apps to track popularity. The service is undergoing a private beta test.

Proto Software hooks up online and offline apps like Excel, with online tools like and Yahoo maps. There are basic drag and drop controls for designing applications and an advanced builder to let users map out various elements. There's also an area for uploading and sharing user-created application components. There's currently only a software version of the application, but the company is aiming to take it online.

Teqlo rounded off the presentations this morning with another "composite application builder." Teqlo's CEO Jeff Nolan referred to it as a Netvibesfor work, which is a fairly apt description. Your workspace is made of various widgets that can be set up and tailored for work flows. It allows businesses to integrate several popular Web services with in-house tools.

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