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oDesk finds qualified programmers for you

The perpetual job fair, oDesk, now certifies programmers and other technical experts.

From the Web 2.0 Conference:


oDesk is all about outsourcing. It's an online market where people can hire programmers and other information workers. In addition to making matches, the system also takes screen captures of contract workers at frequent intervals so that hiring managers can ensure they're billed only for actual work performed.

New at the Web 2.0 conference is a pretty new interface that should make it quicker and easier to search for workers with specific skills, experience, and fees. Also new: the official rollout of the company's skills tests and certification programs, which are helping oDesk become a real powerhouse as a programmer's matchmaker. The company is also releasing some data visualization tools to help service providers to price themselves competitively. For example, the tools will graphically show the price that particular programming skills could bring in different regions.