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NSI strong despite coming competition

With robust earnings and a secondary offering under its belt, the company likely will continue to dominate the domain space even as it relinquishes its monopoly status.

The company that runs the allocation of coveted top-level domains for the U.S. government appears unfazed by the impending competition that will result when it hands over its authority to the nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). With robust earnings and a secondary stock offering under its belt, NSI likely will continue to be a strong player in the domain space, even as it relinquishes its monopoly status.

NSI earnings trump the Street
update The company that assigns Internet addresses reports record net revenues from surging registrations of domain names, helping it beat Wall Street expectations.

Network Solutions still sitting pretty
Despite government-backed plans to increase competition in the ".com" registration business, NSI proved to be untouchable today with "rock solid" earnings, analysts say.

NSI plans secondary stock offering
Network Solutions, the company that assigns Internet addresses, announces a secondary common stock offering.

ICANN sets guidelines for NSI competitors
The nonprofit that runs the domain registration system releases draft accreditation guidelines for companies that will get the first shot at competing with NSI for ".com" registrations.