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Newest Zynga title CastleVille goes live

Zynga rolls out its latest social game, CastleVille, the fourth in the popular franchise.

Zynga's CastleVille is now available. Zynga

Wanna be king of your own castle? Then go to it with Zynga's newest online game: "CastleVille."

Zynga, the world's top social games developer, today began rolling out its newest title in the company's popular 'Ville franchise. It's now live on Facebook where it has already attracted over a million likes.

CityVille and FarmVille are Zynga's most popular games with 54 million and 28 million monthly actives, respectively. The San Francisco-based company, which is widely expected to ready itself for an IPO after the Thanksgiving holiday, is surely betting hordes of online gamers will make CastleVille another blockbuster.

CastleVille is the first game to come out of Zynga's Dallas studio. And it marks a new high in production standards. Besides a lush and colorful medieval backdrop filled with animated pirates, princesses, and peasants, CastleVille is the first social game to have its own original orchestral score and choir as a musical soundtrack.

In mid-October, Zynga revealed that it had more than 232 million active monthly users. In addition, the gaming network said it sees 60 million users and records 2 billion minutes of play daily.

Updated 3:37 p.m. PT: Added three more paragraphs of background.