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New Angry Birds Space episode leads to Utopia

A new episode known as as Utopia has been added to Angry Birds Space, promising even more challenges.

Angry Birds Space blasts off to Utopia.
Angry Birds Space blasts off to Utopia. Rovio

Those Angry Birds in space are still making me angry, only now they've added a new episode to thwart me even further.

The latest update to Angry Birds Space for iOS launches a new episode into orbit, this one dubbed Utopia. Unfortunately, I haven't progressed past the initial Pig Pang, so Utopia and all the episodes leading up to it remain locked to me. (Anyone know a good unlock code?)

Rovio describes Utopia as a delicious food planet with 10 new levels complete with popcorn, cookies, and candy apples to tempt the hungry pigs. Players can "bounce birds off jelly trampolines" and "pop corn to create delicious mayhem."

The latest update is free to Angry Birds Space users. It's also available only for iOS devices -- the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. But Rovio promises that Utopia will lift off soon for Android and other platforms.


A look at Angry Birds Space: Utopia