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Netscape offers Symantec virus scanner

Netscape Communications will bundle a virus scanner from Symantec with its Navigator browser.

Web surfers afraid of viruses creeping into through their browsers can now get an automatic virus scanner directly from Netscape Communications' Navigator.

Netscape has licensed the Norton AntiVirus (NAV) Internet Scanner from Symantec and will bundle the tool with its Netscape Power Pack 2.0 for Windows, a $39.95 suite of utilities and plug-ins for the Navigator browser.

NAV Internet Scanner, which can detect more than 7,300 viruses, will install itself automatically as a Navigator helper file and check downloaded material and email attachments for infection. The Power Pack will also include a version of NAV for checking hard drives.

There are no plans to release a Macintosh version of the Power Pack, said Mark Szelenyi, Netscape product manager.

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