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Netflix stokes 'Orange Is the New Black' hype with trailer

Five weeks before it's set to release the next series in its original-content push, Netflix previews the women's prison drama-comedy with a trailer on its YouTube channel.

Actress Taylor Schilling's character, Piper Chapman, is booked, in a screenshot from Netflix's trailer for its next original series, "Orange Is the New Black." Screenshot by Joan Solsman/CNET

Netflix has started the campaign to drum up anticipation for its next original program to follow the much-hyped "Arrested Development."

A trailer for "Orange Is the New Black," a dramedy created by Jenji Kohan, of Showtime's "Weeds" fame, went up on Netflix's YouTube page earlier today. It will be released, all episodes at once, on July 11.

The trailer shows we'll get some of the edgy fodder -- nudity, expletives, dashes of violence -- Netflix has been using to foster an HBO-like perception of its programming chops, similar to the Netflix political thriller "House of Cards."

The publicity campaign for the new series comes after the buzz during the lead-up to "Arrested Development" gave that series a lot of exposure but also set high expectations that were difficult to meet. (Despite bad reviews, Netflix has said it's thrilled by the response to "Arrested Development.")

Netflix also takes to YouTube today to explain why it picks the shows and movies it does, and why it isn't picking up content some viewers like.

Netflix decided to forgo some popular Viacom kids programming earlier this year so it wouldn't need to pay for less-popular content along with it -- only for Amazon to scoop up the Viacom shows instead.

Here's the trailer for "Orange Is The New Black":