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Net survey start-up inks deal, scores $30 million

Sausalito, Calif.-based MarketTools signs its biggest deal yet and secures $30 million in its third round of funding, company executives will announce.

MarketTools, a small Sausalito, Calif.-based start-up that provides Internet consumer surveys, has signed its biggest deal yet and has secured $30 million in its third round of funding, company executives will announce tomorrow morning.

In a deal with MyPoints, an online marketing incentive system, MarketTools will offer surveys to users who can then collect points that can be redeemed for anything from brand-name merchandise to frequent-flier miles.

The move allows MarketTools to target MyPoints' estimated 4.5 million members, said Ron Mester, MarketTools' executive vice president of sales.

In addition, MarketTools has secured roughly $30 million in funding from several key investors, including Oak Hills Venture Partners, Monitor Clipper Funds, InterWest Partners and Dominion Venture.

MarketTools, a 61-employee firm, provides software to companies who want to conduct consumer surveys over the Internet. It also offers a less-sophisticated application to small businesses seeking feedback or to people interested in polling friends, family members or other small groups on topics such as which movies to watch.