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NBN map offers details on where broadband is rolling out next

Is the NBN coming to a town near you? A new interactive map is giving Australians more information about when the broadband network is coming to their neighbourhood.


Towns and suburbs eagerly awaiting the rollout of the NBN now have more information at their fingertips thanks to an interactive map showing pre-build sites across the country.

NBN Co has been providing information on the rollout of the National Broadband Network to Australians for some time in the form of an interactive map displaying build areas. The map shows where both fixed line and fixed wireless services are currently available as well as where building has commenced for the two services.

Now, new green-highlighted zones on the interactive map have been added to "signify that contractors in built-up (or brownfields) areas are carrying out pre-construction activities -- for instance readying Telstra's pits and pipes for use by NBN Co -- ahead of the physical construction of the NBN".

These "Build Preparation" areas include some 167,000 homes and businesses in areas including Wollongong, Newcastle, outer Brisbane and Perth.

"We are stabilising the NBN rollout and have reviewed the underlying data," said NBN Co chief operating officer Greg Adcock. "That gives us the confidence to be able to provide greater clarity about work underway across Australia.

"The new measure lets families and businesses know earlier on in the rollout process that the NBN is coming so they can start exploring how they might take advantage of high-speed broadband."

You can check out the full rollout map here.