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NBN hooks up with The Bachelor, makes curious fitness video baby

Strange bedfellows as ex-Bachelor star shows off ripped physique in bizarre NBN fitness video romp.

Esteban La Tessa

Ex-Bachelor star Tim Robards is the star of NBN's new campaign.

Esteban La Tessa/NBN
  • New photos show shirtless ex-Bachelor in inner-city apartment
  • Sources asking whether new relationship will last
  • Fitness romp has friends asking, "Is Tim promoting a full-fibre diet?"

That's right, the Bachelor is spruiking the NBN now. Because ever since you stopped watching Tim Robards courting 25 different women in a series of increasingly extravagant dates in season 1 of "The Bachelor," he got really into telecommunications infrastructure.

Newcastle-based chiropractor Robards has taken on a role as "Virtual Trainer" for the NBN, which will see him making a series of workout films to promote Australia's next-generation broadband network.

It's a departure from the kind of headlines NBN has made in recent months and years, with the company the target of police raids, political point-scoring and ongoing concerns about cost blowouts and rollout delays.

Because you can't make this kind of stuff up, here's NBN with the idea behind the Bachelor move:

"Combining Tim's fitness prowess with the latest trends from animalistic moves to Bollywood inspired dancing, these 30-minute long workouts are designed to be streamed from the comfort of your home over fast broadband," the company said.

The partnership comes off the back of a survey commissioned by NBN that found Australians are "clicking their way to a healthier lifestyle." (We assume that means clicking with a mouse, though Robards could well be planning a "West Side Story"-inspired workout video.)

According to NBN, 53 percent of Australians "would use" the internet to research training and fitness, with two thirds of those using video tutorials.

A still from NBN's promotional photoshoot with former Bachelor, Tim Robards.

Esteban La Tessa/NBN

The solution? Something called "stiletto aerobics" apparently.

"Whether it's stiletto aerobics streamed in from Brazil or the latest Hollywood workout, there is now a wealth of information at our fingertips, using technology to help make fitness fun and easy," Robards said.

"The workouts are designed to give busy, on-the-go Aussies no matter where they are, the chance to connect with health and fitness expertise online from the comfort of their home...They will get you growling, stretching and sweating all at the same time."

We don't know how much Robards is earning for his new role, but this definitely seems like a good use of the money we were going to spend on all that expensive fibre.