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NBC's Olympic site goes for gold

The network's Olympics Web site hasn't won a single medal but still got 7.5 million hits.

NBC's Olympics Web site may not have broken any world records, but it's definitely holding its own in the Internet category for number of visitors.

On Monday alone, a spokesperson for NBC says, the site received more than 7.3 million hits, more than double Saturday's total of 2.7 million when the Games began. Among the more popular features: online chats with former Olympic medalists.

Hits refers to the number of times a particular Web page is opened, a figure that can't easily be translated into the number of people looking at the site. By comparison, Netscape Communications claims to have 70 million hits per day, probably the most visited site on the Internet.

"There is no fair way of making any kind of estimate on [the number of individual viewers], but suffice to say it is much lower than 7.5 million," Dick Bennett, senior vice president of audits at the Audit Bureau of Verification Services, said of the NBC site's hits.

Still, those numbers compare favorably to NBC's Superbowl site, one of its most popular, which received 6 million hits in one day.

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