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Nasdaq drop puts focus on volatile tech stocks

Tech stocks go for a wild ride before recovering for a modest loss. With all the market hype for the "new economy," was the drop a reality check for investors?


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Technology stocks went for a wild ride, sinking more than 500 points before crawling back to a more modest loss at the close. With all the market hype for the "new economy," was the Nasdaq dive a reality check for investors?


"New economy" stocks take a beating
Although technology stocks offer greater returns than investments in the "old economy," growth is slowing as investors become wary.

Stocks take breathless roller-coaster ride
update The longest-running bull market in history turns distinctly bearish as the Dow and Nasdaq indexes plunge sharply before clawing their way back.

Taking stock of today's volatile tech shares
The Nasdaq falls as much as 574 points before recovering most of its losses for the day, while the CNET tech index loses 23.99 to close at 3,184.46.

Microsoft shares shed more value after ruling
update Shares fall with the Nasdaq's plunge, following yesterday's widely anticipated ruling against the software giant in its antitrust case.