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Myouterspace: William Shatner's social network is as bonkers as you'd hoped

Nerd godhead William Shatner has given his backing to a new sci-fi flavoured social network that helps creative types show off their work and collaborate on projects

Nerd godhead William Shatner, not content with his beautifully polite tweets and sumptuous cover versions of classic pop, has given his backing to a new sci-fi flavoured social network called Myouterspace.

It's essentially a LinkedIn for creative types -- graphic designers, musicians, film makers, writers -- with a Star Trek twist. You join one of six 'planets', each representing a professional field, and post your best work for everyone to see. If a producer -- sorry, 'captain' -- likes your stuff, they'll invite you to become a 'crew member' on their 'starship', a laboured metaphor for working together on a project.

Yes, it's totally hatstand. Yes, it's quintessentially Shatner. And yes, it's basically a way for filmmakers to get free labour. But it has more than a little charm about it -- the planets and starships are all designed by veteran Star Trek illustrator John Eaves, who's also on board as a 'governor' of his own planet.

You can watch the Shat explain the concept in his inimitable way -- waving his hands around to ward off attacking starships is a highlight -- here. We can't embed that, so instead, here's Bill on another of his pastimes: climbing mountains.