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MuleCon Muffins--food matters at developer events

Food makes events great. I judge the success of an event in direct correlation to the food provided.

MuleCon Muffins
MuleCon Muffins Cote @ RedMonk

Our big MuleCon user event started yesterday and continues today, capped off with a Developer Campground that we are hosting with all of the worldwide Mule team attending and answering questions.

So far the event has been a big success and I have been too busy to blog. However, thanks to Cote, who is hosting a few sessions here I now have an update: the muffins and pastries are pretty delicious. Pictured to the left you'll see these oddly shaped (but tasty) mini-muffin loaves that have been the hit of the party.

I just can't repress my love for baked goods. We have a guy from Scripps Network (who own Food Television and many other stations) presenting today and I was demanding he introduce me to all the stars.

There will be more blogging later when Matt Asay gets here and his panel (with Jason Maynard, Larry Augustin, me and Cote) conflicts with the Arsenal game.