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Nab a highly rated $25 coffee maker and $20 blender today

Plus, a nifty digital air fryer is 50% off at Best Buy.

If you're a self-proclaimed pragmatist who also happens to appreciate good coffee, this Mr. Coffee Easy Measure 12-cup coffee machine with two-step water filtration system is a solid bet. The coffee maker gets great reviews from past buyers and it's currently 50% off, down to just $25 today at Best Buy. The big-box retailer also has a highly serviceable Oster eight-speed blender for under $20 and a Bella 3.7-quart digital air fryer down to $50 as its Deals of the Day. Let's have a look at the trio of kitchen bargains.

Mr. Coffee

The simple coffee maker gets rave reviews in nearly 100 buyer reviews, lauded for study construction, consistent performance and smart design and functionality, making it drama-free and easy to operate. While we can't prove the simple two-step water filtration system dramatically improves the taste of coffee, we can say with certainty that it can't hurt. 


If you're looking for a basic blender to add to your kitchen arsenal, Oster is a trusted name in the category and this classic eight-speed model is currently down about as low as you'll find one. Like the coffee maker, the Oster blender gets great reviews for its ability to crush ice and blend smoothies with ease. 

We've shamelessly hopped on the air fryer bandwagon as the easiest way to throw together a healthy spread of snack foods, using little or no oil in the process. The Bella 3.7-quart digital air fryer has handy presets for things like wings, fries, seafood and more to lessen your learning curve and help you get comfortable with your new cooking device.