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Mpire mashup widget plugs you into shopping networks

Mpire offers a free widget builder that lets site owners and bloggers embed trend shopping data from eBay and Amazon.

E-commerce mashup company Mpire released on Wednesday a widget that lets bloggers and Web site operators embed shopping widgets in their Web pages.

The widgets will display trend information culled from different e-commerce sites, including eBay and, and let people buy items online from the widget.

For example, a person who runs a blog on fashion can create a widget that will display which shoes are currently selling best online and at what prices.

Mpire has created 75 different widgets that aggregate information, such as prices over time or top search terms, from eBay's and Amazon's sites.

That information will be appealing to readers and it allows site authors to make money through eBay's and Amazon's affiliate marketing programs, said Dave Cotter, Mpire's chief marketing officer. Mpire is making the widget and trend data available for free to help build its brand, he said.

The widget creator generates a snippet of code for embedding the widget. Mpire has also streamlined integration with popular blogging tools, Cotter said.

Care for some data with your online shopping? Check out this widget builder. Mpire