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Mobile app figures out calendar events from e-mail threads

EasilyDo, a smart assistant app for iOS and Android, now automatically adds events to calendars based on e-mail conversations.

EasilyDo can determine meetings based on e-mail threads and send out calendar invitations to relevant people. EasilyDo

EasilyDo, a smart assistant app that is designed to automatically alert users to a wide variety of important things, now can create calendar invitations based on e-mail threads.

Launched less than eight months ago, EasilyDo monitors users' Facebook accounts and other social media profiles and issues alerts for things like birthdays, new contacts, popular photos, and more -- all with the goal of saving the user's time. Since launch, it has issued more than 20 million alerts to its users, saving them a total of 24 years in aggregate. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Today, the company announced three new features called "Do Its." Among them is the ability to determine when a user has agreed to a meeting in an e-mail thread. When this happens, the app automatically sends an invitation to relevant parties. This may concern some, but the company said it is doing all it can to ensure that the app does not invade peoples' privacy.

EasilyDo was one of 70 launch applications Samsung chose for its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch.