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MoanMyIP does exactly what you think it does

Need to know your IP address? Can't see? Feel like being embarrassed around your coworkers or family? Give MoanMyIP a whirl.

Every once in a while, I come across a site that makes me do a double-take. A few weeks ago it was the unfortunate Chef Boyardee marketing site, and this week the clear winner in my book is MoanMyIP, which is a sister site (almost literally) to Both services do just what you'd think--identifying your IP address and reading it back to you. The only difference of course is that HearMyIP uses the classic text-to-speech computer voice whereas MoanMyIP uses a female voice that announces your IP address in about as close to a not-safe-for-work/family manner as possible.

In addition to your IP address, MoanMyIP will also list your OS and browser, along with host and TCP port. The real question is: Who needs to know all these numbers? Most likely, it'll only ever be the folks on your IT staff at work, but it's a good bet they're not going to use this. The real reason behind the site is to show you how much information sites can get about you without a Web proxy, which incidentally is also offered from the same folks.

[via Digg]