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Microsoft's Streetside mapping arrives in U.K.

The Bing Maps rival to Google Street View has arrived in London, where Navteq cars have started collecting street-level photos as well as location and landmark data.

Microsoft Streetside will display street-level, 360-degree images, using Navteq's cars, seen here at Nokia World. Ben Woods

Microsoft has started taking photos in London for Streetside, its Bing Maps photo feature that will go up against Google Street View in the United Kingdom.

The Streetside feature will display street-level images collected using a 360-degree camera, the company said today. Mapping specialist Navteq--which is wholly owned by Nokia--has partnered with Microsoft and is providing the cars to take the 360-degree photos. As well as collecting images, Navteq will gather point-of-interest data such as where landmarks or pubs are located and other road and location information.

"Users should begin seeing [U.K.] images on Bing Maps from around the first or second week of May, depending on the weather and other factors," a spokesman for the company told ZDNet UK.

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