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Microsoft made the perfect Surface Pro 4 cover for NFL fans

The new Microsoft Surface Type Cover is available for all 32 NFL teams and costs $160.


The cover also works with the Surface Pro 3.


Preseason games, last year's star quarterback on the latest cover of GQ and another collaboration between the NFL and Microsoft -- make no doubt about it, football season is here.

Just in time for all of the fun, Microsoft on Monday released officially branded NFL covers for the Surface Pro 4. The case, which will set you back $160, is available for all 32 teams and looks similar to the supremely slim keyboard case/covers that the Microsoft Surface is known for.

Microsoft says the covers -- officially dubbed Microsoft Surface Special Edition NFL Type Covers -- are made from "premium and durable material." They are available to purchase in select Microsoft Stores and in the US and Canada.

Considering the Surface is the official tablet of the NFL, the collaboration comes as no surprise.

Update, 2 p.m. PT : Adds that the covers are available in the US and Canada.