Top tablets with keyboards

We've rounded up our top tablets that improve the user experience with native keyboard functionality.

The Microsoft Surface tablets feature colorful and innovative protective covers that double as keyboards. CNET

The rising popularity of tablets has some people ditching their laptops and desktops for a more portable experience, but the benefits of a full keyboard can still come in handy. The models on this list blur the line between tablet and laptop and are usually considered "hybrids."

The double-life of a hybrid appeases business professionals, students, and those who want more PC capabilities in a portable and -- sometimes -- more affordable package.

Here are our top recommendations for tablets with complementary keyboard options.

Folks with large hands might find the TF103's keyboard a bit cramped. Josh Miller/CNET

Asus Transformer Pad TF103

Affordable Android tablet-hybrids are a dime-a-dozen. In walks the modestly specced TF103 , which dully sticks out with a competitive price tag. The 10-inch slate rocks Asus' new slick Zen user-interface and ships with a few free apps from Asus for optimizing your experience, including screen-calibration software, a free cloud storage service, and an audio-enhancing app. The hinge on the keyboard makes docking the tablet fast and easy, though individuals with large hands might find the workspace to feel crowded. Read the full review.

Lenovo Miix 2 11-inch
The Miix 2 packs a magnetic keyboard. Sarah Tew/CNET

Lenovo Miix 2

It sounds more like a DJ's sophomore mixtape, but it's actually a tablet-hybrid with a magnetic keyboard. The Miix 2's design could use some tweaks in order to better compete with the refined Microsoft Surface Pro 3, however its shortcomings can be forgiven if you're looking for a more affordable keyboard-toting Windows 8 slate with a large screen. Read the full review.

I don't know about you, but this tablet/laptop hybrid looks like something Bruce Wayne would use. Sarah Tew/CNET

Sony Vaio Tap 11

The Sony Vaio Tap 11, which runs Windows 8.1, packs a large high-resolution screen and an Intel Core i-series CPU. It's one of the most viable portable PC replacements, as well as one of the thinnest and lightest. The included Bluetooth keyboard simply sits nearby and can snap on with a -- rather weak -- magnetic connection. It also ships with a stylus for all of your John Hancock needs. Read the full review.

Microsoft added a battery-powered Bluetooth pen to the Surface Pro 3. Sarah Tew

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Since its inception, the Microsoft Surface tablet has been devoted to its keyboard cover. CNET's own Dan Ackerman even goes as far to call it the coolest part about using the Windows 8.1 slate. It's sold separately, but it's an essential accessory to the Surface experience. The revamped Pro 3 model features a larger, thinner screen, and now comes with a Bluetooth pen. Read the full review.

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