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A way to keep track of business and personal connections

      Category: Community

      LinkedIn provides a way for people to keep track of connections, both business and personal. Users can build out their own network, and use it as a reference to see how people are connected to one another. More importantly it's a great way to see friends of friends, and get leads on jobs. While there are quite a few job-hunting sites out there, LinkedIn is one of the few that's part social network too. You can keep track of where your friends are working, sort them based on field or location, and even ask about a potential job or employer from people who are in-the-know.

      LinkedIn recently launched an "Answers" service where people can ask experts in their field any question. It's free, and competes with similar services offered by Yahoo and

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      Webware coverage: LinkedIn Answers can hook you up; LinkedIn launches useful service directory

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