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Leaked Grand Theft Auto V map shows off its mind-blowing scale

Thanks to alleged leaked images from a strategy guide for Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, fans eager to see just how big the game's map is can revel in its massive scope.

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games' highly anticipated fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, which hits shelves Sept. 17, has been hyped for the mind-blowingly massive environment it will let players parachute over, sky dive into, or fly and drive across. The studio has touted the game as being larger than the previous two GTAs and its Western title Red Dead Redemption combined.

It turns out that's no joke.

Thanks to an alleged accidental early sale of a GTA V strategy guide and its contents leaking their way onto gaming forum NeoGaf, we now can see how large the game's map truly is. And it is huge, with mountain, desert, and countryside terrain that absolutely dwarfs the city.

A Reddit user then published it to the GTA V subreddit where the leak picked up significant traction, whereupon the original poster redacted his or her name and pulled the file from imgur. The image is still available from NeoGaf and posted below.

Warning: Those who wish to play the game with a fresh mind and blank state should refrain from observing any of the intricacies of the map. It's not a spoiler in the traditional sense, but the map is entirely labeled and reveals many previously unknown details about the game's sprawling recreation of Los Angeles and the surrounding countryside.


Just to put it into perspective, a fellow NeoGaf user superimposed the GTA: San Andreas map onto the GTA V one.

The GTA: San Andreas map superimposed on top of the GTA V map to illustrate just how massive Rockstar's next installment is. NeoGaf

(Via Kotaku; NeoGaf)

Correction at 10:21 p.m. PT: This article mistakenly claimed that Rockstar Games confirmed the authenticity of the GTA V map leaks through Twitter. A fan made Twitter account in fact made these claims, and representatives from Rockstar said they are not commenting on the purported map leaks at this time.