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Launch your own job board in a heartbeat: JobCoin

JobCoin makes it ridiculously easy to set up your own online job board.

When TechCrunch launched its Web 2.0 job board last year, it was joining--and was soon joined by--several other similar job boards. And now, anyone can get in on the action. Using JobCoin, you can create a job board on your own site with practically no effort. The service is a job board host. You tell it how much you want to charge for a posting, upload your logo, and bam, you've got a board. Here's ours: (Our current fee for posting a job: $0. Go wild, but keep it clean.)

The new Webware job board CNET Networks

It's a great idea for people running popular blogs or sites. A lot of blogs have very focused and dedicated audiences, and this tool makes it possible to make money from one of the best advertising forms out there: help wanted notices. We're not talking chump change here, either: a good job board can charge $200 a posting. Get a few of those a month and you're talking real money. JobCoin is free to use, but the company keeps 30 percent of all revenues collected.

JobCoin could become an excellent resource for people who post jobs, too. In the future it will be possible for recruiters to post a job to one site and have it appear on other relevant sites. The exact mechanism for determining which jobs go where isn't complete yet, but if JobCoin CEO Keith Schacht can figure it out, he'll really have something. Especially if he can also figure out how to reward the owners of sites where posts are first entered.

Nearly every business on the planet needs to hire people. Successful blogs have highly specific audiences that people in particular industries gravitate toward. So JobCoin could make a lot of money for everybody involved: the bloggers, the people who get neat new jobs, and JobCoin itself.

Schacht will be presenting tonight at the Stirr event in Palo Alto, which I will be moderating (tonight's event is full, I'm afraid). If you're looking to catch the Web 2.0 buzz in person, the Stirr events are great, and there's one every month. Hit the site to apply for an invitation.

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