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iPhone: Ruining the mobile Internet for everyone

The iPhone is clogging the mobile Net in several cities.

Curse you, iPhone users! I don't have an iPhone. I have a Blackjack. I don't love it, but it was cheap, and it worked reliably...until today. Data access on the AT&T network is sporadic right now. Reports are that the influx of iPhone users on the AT&T wireless data network is clogging up the aerials or something.

Even with my Blackjack's 3G connection, I'm having issues. The lowly iPhone (bring it on, fanboys), only runs on the pokey EDGE technology--it's not in my Blackjack's fast lane. So maybe it's the AT&T network switches and routing equipment that's overloaded, not the wireless.

You know, one reason I didn't get an iPhone is because it doesn't work with corporate e-mail. But now corporate e-mail doesn't work on my Blackjack, either. And if I'm going to not get work done, I might as well not do it on a shiny iPhone.

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