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iPhone firmware update 2.0 is live -- kinda

The iPhone firmware update 2.0 is on us and Don Reisinger has it installed. Check it out.

So this morning I got my hands on the new iPhone firmware update 2.0 from a direct link through Apple's site. So far, the Apple page is still saying that it's coming soon and there's no update through iTunes, but by following that link, you'll be all set.

All in all, the installation went relatively well and I was happy to see that it didn't take so long to download it and get it up and running.

So what's in it?

There's a lot to like in the new update for the iPhone. It comes with a link to the App Store (which works) and has all the pushing you're going to want out of it -- calendar, email, contacts -- and Exchange support.

I installed three apps -- Twitterific, AIM, and the Associated Press Mobile News Network -- to test them out and found that the install was smooth, quick, and happened without a hitch.

I've only spent about thirty minutes with the new firmware update and so far, I like it. It would have been nice to see Apple surprise us with a few extras, but I guess we can't ask for everything.

More on this as I keep playing around with it, but I definitely recommend downloading the update (and the new iTunes 7.7) to get a feel for each yourself.

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