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Internet Explorer beta delayed

The latest beta release of Internet Explorer 3.0 has been delayed till next week.

The second beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 browser is now expected to be released "sometime late next week," not this week as originally anticipated.

The new beta version of the browser is expected to further narrow the gap between Internet Explorer and Netscape Communications' Navigator through an integrated just-in-time compiler that will speed the performance of Java applets.

After dozens of urgent postings from users on Microsoft's own discussion forums, who had expected the new beta to be released Monday, a member of the IE development team, Denise Wyn, finally stepped in:

"The Beta2 release of IE30 will not be happening today. Please look for this release sometime late next week. As with all products under development, changes do occur to scheduling. I know you are all looking forward to this release and we want it to be a great experience for everyone."

Java support slipped from the first beta version of IE 3.0 that was released in May. Microsoft later posted a Java engine add-on for IE 3.0, but the real speed tests between Navigator and Explorer can't start until the integrated JIT compiler is released.

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