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Information on new Philips 9 series HDTVs leaks

A site that focuses on HDTVs claims to have obtained information on the sets from a "credible source."

Philips is currently working on its flagship 9 series HDTVs, and they just might be awfully impressive, according to a new report.

Philips will be launching two 9 series models that will come with 46- and 60-inch screens, Flat Panels HD, a site that focuses on televisions, is reporting today, citing a "credible source." The site claims to have obtained a document from Russia that provides information and images of the televisions and their elongated remote.

According to the publication, the televisions, dubbed the 9707 and 9607, will come with an extremely small bezel made of "some kind of metal." In addition, the televisions will feature a 1,200Hz refresh rate, active 3D, and a filter that will reduce reflections. Micro-dimming will also be included.

The televisions will come with built-in apps, and according to Flat Panels HD, let owners "stream TV channel(s) from the TV onto a smartphone or tablet screen via 'WiFi Smart Screen.'" The televisions can also be controlled by a smartphone or tablet, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi support.

Based on the pictures published by Flat Panels HD, the Philips remote will feature a QWERTY keyboard on the back.

Although the televisions will come with the Philips name, Royal Philips is reducing its presence in that space. Back in April, the company signed a deal with TP Vision (TPV). The deal paved the way for TPV to take a 70 percent controlling stake in the companies' joint television venture. TPV has the right to the Philips name for five years.

(Via The Verge)