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iMessage bug swats iPhone owners who switch to Android

Users who switch to Android report they can't receive messages from iPhone users who previously communicated with them over iMessage.

Is there an iMessage bug?
Is there an iMessage bug? Jason Cipriani/CNET

Some new Android handset owners are complaining that they can't receive text messages from friends who own iPhones.

According to a growing thread in Apple's support forums, former iPhone owners that had been communicating with friends via iMessage are unable to receive any messages from those same folks when they try texting from an Android device.

"I bought an Android phone tonight, replacing my iPhone," Apple support forums user "Literroy" posted last month. "I also ported my number to the new phone. However, now, anytime someone with an iPhone tries to SMS me, their phone automatically sends it as an iMessage, which I can't receive, since I no longer use my iPhone."

Over the last few weeks, dozens of posters on that thread and others have complained of the same issue, and so far, Apple hasn't offered a simple fix. However, one user, "Alphonsusjude," claims to have a workaround, which involves accessing a user's Apple profile and unregistering the iPhone they were previously using.

Apple delivered iMessage in iOS 5 last year. The service allows the operating system's users, which include iPad and iPod Touch owners, to send free text messages to each other. However, at least for some users that no longer want to use that platform, breaking away from it seems to be far more difficult than expected.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment on the reported bug.

(Via TechCrunch)