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Hulu Plus for Android rolls out children's section

The dozens of Nickelodeon, PBS, and Lionsgate children's programs featured in Hulu Kids can now be watched on any Hulu Plus supported Android device.

Hulu Kids. Hulu

Watching "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "Caillou" on Android devices just got a little easier today.

Hulu Plus announced that it updated its Android app with Hulu Kids integration. With this new feature, parents are able to make sure their children don't stray from their kid's shows by using a "Lock For Kids" button. Parents can also search Hulu Kids to find popular shows from different networks and age groups.

Hulu Kids launched in November featuring dozens of children's TV shows from Nickelodeon, PBS, Lionsgate, and more. The kid's feature has its own link in Hulu Plus' Browse menu. Hulu says that all of its videos and recommended shows within Hulu Kids consist of commercial-free children's programming.

Hulu Plus rolled out its Android app last year. Android users who subscribe to the $7.99-per-month service can use the app to stream TV shows and movies directly to their mobile devices. The app supports a handful of Android phones and tablets. Hulu Plus also has an app for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.