Hulu blocks access to overseas Apple TV owners, report says

The company has been able to identify and block overseas Apple TV owners trying to access its programming from a U.S. iTunes account.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

International Apple TV owners are complaining that they have been blocked from Hulu Plus.

According to The Next Web, which has obtained images of an error message displayed when users try to stream a show or film from Hulu Plus, those with an Apple TV and U.S. iTunes account are able to browse Hulu's selection of titles. Upon choosing one of those titles, however, a "Geo Restriction" pops up, telling them they cannot access the particular video.

"We're sorry. Currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States," the message reads, according to images posted by The Next Web.

Hulu Plus quietly made its way to the Apple TV yesterday. Upon restarting their Apple TVs, U.S.-based owners with an $8-per-month Hulu Plus subscription were able to start streaming its selection of movies and television shows. Based on The Next Web's report, it appears international Apple TV owners also saw the app, despite not being able to access its videos.

Hulu has been slow to roll out its service internationally. In September, the company launched Hulu Japan, but so far, it hasn't gone elsewhere. In an FAQ on its site, Hulu says that it doesn't "have a timetable for any news regarding expansion beyond Japan at this time." So, international users might be waiting some time before they can finally access Hulu Plus' programming.

CNET has contacted Hulu for comment on The Next Web's report. We will update this story when we have more information.


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