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How to: See real URLs in TinyURLs

Scope out a TinyURL before you click on it with ShortText.

Webware reader Amy wrote in to let us know one of her favorite Firefox plug-ins shortText just got updated with a handy new feature. It will now automatically go through any page you're on and seek out any TinyURLs, converting them to the actual URL so you can see where the page links to.

If you want to accomplish a similar feat, there's also a bookmarklet called Embiggen, which will do the same thing without you having to install anything. The key difference between the two is that shortText packs in a bundle of other features like letting you write Twitter tweets that are well over the 140 character limit and link all your posts up to a centralized page where you can keep track of replies more easily than on Twitter.

Any TinyURLs on a Twitter post or elsewhere on the Web will automatically be converted with shortText.