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Hate playlists? Make single-song widgets with Muzicons

Share a single track with others using Muzicons.

Muzicons has to be one of the simplest music-sharing tools I've ever seen, and also the one with the most personality.

Unlike current Web 2.0 darling Muxtape, which lets you create a nice mix of music uploaded from your hard drive, Muzicons is a single-song affair. You still upload the music from your machine for it to host; the only difference is that there's no track list, no song title, and just a single button to play and pause the music. In fact, whoever creates the mix can tweak the buttons the listener will have access to, determining whether they can skip around the track and what song information is listed.

What makes Muzicons an especially memorable Web app is the care and attention that's been built in to the simple ways you can customize its look and feel. There are just two tweaks: one for color and another for the icon. If you've ever played the popular puzzle game Lumines, the icons feel very similar, and you've got a pick of more than 50 to choose from that will sit on the left side of the player.

When it comes time to share your creation you've only got two options: one set of code for blogs and Web sites, and another for BB code enabled forums or blog comments. If you're looking for some of the simple sharing options seen on other mixtape sites you're out of luck--for now at least.

I've embedded a Muzicon above with the song "She Sells Sanctuary" by The Cult. To make your own, go here.

Making a Muzicon is a simple three-step process. Pick the icon, upload your music, and drop in the code. CNET Networks