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Hash tags go airborne

At the Ryder Cup today, attendees and players alike got an aerial reminder that the European team has enthusiastic boosters.

Screenshot by CNET

You might not be a golf fan, and if that's true, you probably don't know that this weekend, the United States is facing off against Europe in the biennial Ryder Cup. You may not even know what the Ryder Cup is. But a hash tag in the sky might get your attention.

Regardless of your golf knowledge, a lot of people have been paying attention -- and enjoying the Americans' lead in the competition. But some European boosters are realizing that their heroes might need a little extra encouragement.

That's probably why attendees on hand in Medinah, Ill., could look up into the sky today and see an unusual type of pep talk aimed at the European squad -- skywriting with a Twitter hash tag: "#GOEUROPE."

Whether the European golfers are checking out Twitter while trying to sink putts is debatable, but it's probably nice for them to see such a thing above them.

This isn't the first time someone's used the sky as a backdrop for a hash-tagged message, but it could be one of the most prominent. And it would seem logical to expect to see this a lot more in the future.