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Smart Speakers & Displays

Grab a 1st-gen Amazon Echo Show for $100

The second gen is better, but if you want Alexa with a screen, this is still a solid deal. Plus: A smart(ish) way to light up your garage.


No, that's not what Alexa looks like. It's an example of video calling, which you can do easily on the Amazon Echo Show.


Sorry this deal arrived so late. Reasons I won't bore you with.

Today only, and while supplies last, Woot has the first-generation Amazon Echo Show for $99.99, shipped free for Amazon Prime members. (Everyone else pays $5.)

See it at Woot

The Echo Show is Amazon's Alexa-with-a-screen product. You get all the voice-activated goodness of a smart speaker, but with a lovely screen for watching videos, making Skype-like video calls, checking the feed from your security cameras and so on.

It's not perfect, though, as you'll learn from reading CNET's Echo Show review. And there's a second-generation model that's better looking, better sounding and just all-around better. It's also $229.

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Warts notwithstanding, I want a pair of these so I can have easy video chats with my parents. I can also see some value in watching recipe videos while in the kitchen.

If you already own a first-gen Show, hit the comments and share what you like or don't like about the product, and whether you think it's a good deal at $100.

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Pretty space-agey for a light bulb!


Bonus deal: File this under "Things I Didn't Know I Needed." For a limited time, and while supplies last, this three-panel LED motion-sensing garage/shop/warehouse light is $32.89 when you clip the on-page 10 percent off coupon and apply promo code X6AZ2FX7 at checkout. It's normally $47, and that's the same price most other vendors charge for this exact same product.

See it at Amazon

Designed to screw into a standard bulb socket, this 60-watt light features three angle-adjustable LED panels that, together, produce 6,000 lumens. (Translation: It's pretty bright.)

Because it has a motion sensor, you just leave the switch on all the time and the LEDs will light up when you enter the garage and turn off when you leave. And here I've been flipping that switch like a sucker all this time!

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