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Google's plans for 2008 and mobile application updates

It's the search behemoth's world--we just supply it with all our data. Resistance is futile.

At this point resistance is futile, so I just try my best to limit the amount of personal information Google knows about me. The updates to my BlackBerry are actually pretty useful, eliminating the need for several clicks into Google properties I would likely go to anyway. I would beg for mercy, but they would just slap an ad on my screams.

On to the mobile apps...
One interesting new item is a Google Mobile Updater app that updates the various Google properties that now launch standalone from the BB (the majority were already available through the browser.) The items that were new to me were a unique "Search" icon, an icon for Picasa, and a Google News icon. This must be part of the bigger mobile strategy.

Some new info on the updates and additions to Google Apps coming in 2008.

From the Q&A over on YourSearchAdvisor:

  • Google Sites: Scheduled to be launched sometime next year (2008), Google Sites will expand upon the Google Page Creator already offered within Apps.
  • Will Google docs have OCR capabilities for importing .pdfs or other graphical files? Not yet, but perhaps someday. Google's Scott Johnston couldn't comment on the "road map" for future enhancements. However, the collaborative Google Sites (based on JotSpot) will allow for upload and storage of any file type.
  • Will GrandCentral be integrated into Google Apps? If so, when? Again, Johnston didn't comment on the timing but said they are working on it and it is a "huge priority" for them.
  • Will Google Spreadsheets ever have advanced features like pivot tables, macros or offline database integrations?
  • Will Google Apps support video conferencing in addition to Google Talk and Chat? Scott's answer, "Not yet." I got the impression from his body language that it'll come someday, but nothing more was said.