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Google's Page says Android attacks have no impact

During the quarterly earnings call, CEO Larry Page says he's seen "no signs" that attacks by Microsoft and Oracle alleging Android patent infringement have affected the mobile operating system's growth.

Google Chief Executive Officer Larry Page told analysts today he's seen "no signs" that rivals' tactics challenging Android over patent infringement have been effective.

During the company's quarterly conference call, Page was asked about the onslaught of legal challenges to Google's mobile operating system. Microsoft and Oracle have targeted Android, accusing either the company or its partners of using their intellectual property without licensing it. Earlier today, Quanta signed a licensing deal with Microsoft to use Android as well as Google's Chrome operating system.

Google CEO Larry Page
Google CEO Larry Page Google

Page said that the attacks on Android aren't slowing down the growth of the operating system.

"We're seeing no signs that that's effective," Page told an analyst in response to a question. "If anything, our position is getting stronger."

He also took a swipe at Microsoft, noting that the company was pushing around its partners to ink some of these deals. Microsoft has cut an Android patent agreement with longtime partner HTC, among others.

"They've continued resorting to legal measures to hassle their partners. It's odd," Page said.