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Google to add password sync to new version of Chrome

The beta version of Chrome 26 will let uses sync their passwords across multiple devices, including Android phones and tablets.

Chrome 26 will add a password sync feature.
Chrome 26 will add a password sync feature. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Google is finally adding a full password sync feature to Chrome.

Currently in beta, Chrome 26 is due to receive the new sync feature over the coming days, according to the Chrome team's latest blog.

The password sync will work only with devices running Chrome version 26 or higher. But that includes both the desktop and mobile editions. Chrome users will be able to keep their Web site passwords in sync across their computers, smartphones, and tablets. The Chrome mobile browser supports Android and Apple's iOS.

Chrome already offers a way to save and sync your passwords, but that feature doesn't support Android devices.

Also on the sync list is Autofill. Suggestions that appear when you enter a URL or other item will sync across your various Chrome installations.

The latest beta of Chrome also address bugs with the keyboard and authentication for mobile devices.

Android users can download the beta directly from Google Play.