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Google previews next version of Maps for Android, iOS

Google's got another major release of Google Maps planned for Android and iOS -- including tablets. The company showed it off at I/O.

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Google Maps for mobile is getting some new tricks.

Coming to an updated version of the service for Android and iOS is deeper integration with reviews company Zagat (which Google acquired), built-in offers from participating businesses, an "explore" feature, and dynamic re-routing during navigation if there are accidents in the way.

Google also said it's built a standalone Maps app for tablets, which it plans to launch this summer.

James Martin/CNET

The changes were unveiled during the company's keynote at I/O, Google's annual developers conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Alongside the preview, Google introduced a trio of new Google Maps APIs for Android developers including a low-power mode, geofencing, and activity recognition that can determine whether a user is in a car, on a bicycle or walking.

Google now says 200 countries are a part of its MapMaker program, 50 countries are covered with its Street View imagery, and more than 1 million Web sites have Google Maps embedded.