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Google Presentations goes live (and yes, it's beta)

Google Presentations finally arrives.

CNET Networks

Tonight the stars have aligned in Mountain View, and the long-awaited Google Presentations is finally live, and a working part of Google Docs for all users. Here are some of the specs from Google's release:

      "-Create and keep presentations in one place on the Web that's accessible anytime, from any Internet-connected computer.

      - Manage, update, and share presentations with colleagues by sending them a simple e-mail invitation.

      - Edit together online and in real time, or contribute at different times to the same presentation on the Web.

      - Present and control slide shows for all viewers over the Web, with no special setup required. Chat with viewers in real time via integrated chat.

      - Import existing presentations to get started quickly.

      - Quickly publish presentations to the general public or individuals of their choice."

As expected, it looks and feels a lot like Docs and Spreadsheets and handles Microsoft PowerPoint presentations up to 10MB without a hitch. We'll have a hands-on soon. In the meantime, you can play with it yourself at

Google Presentations' GUI. It looks a whole lot like Google Docs, so users of that should feel right at home. CNET Networks