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Google Maps used to track Starbucks closures

Although the first smattering of downed stores has not yet been announced by the Seattle-based coffee shop chain, a rumor map gives employees and brew seekers a heads-up.

Although it has disclosed that 600 of its coffee shops will be closing up shop in the coming months, Starbucks will be unveiling only a small selection of closures per month.

That doesn't mean that you can't check if your favorite coffee watering hole (or office) is going the way of $2 gas. According to The Seattle Times, employees at stores that are facing closure have been given some extra heads-up to either find new jobs or transfer elsewhere.

That extra foresight has led to a special Google Map chronicling which stores will soon be going under, even if their closures have not yet been announced.

Keep in mind that not all of the Starbucks locations listed are definitely being shuttered. Most listings are based either on rumors or speculation, since the first smattering of downed stores has not yet been announced.

One thing is clear though: people in Northeastern Texas do not like a cup of joe.

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