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Google Maps races to track the Olympic torch

Track the torch as it goes around the world.

In case you were interested in keeping track of where the 2008 Olympic torch is at any given moment, the Google Maps team has put together a mash-up that tracks its position as it makes its way around the world via a series of runners and transportation mediums.

Beside the map you can track not only where the torch has been, but where it's going. There's a small information panel that tells you about the route through each city including any relevant landmarks. Information about future dates hasn't been made available (for security reasons), but you can read up on all the previous dates, and even play it like an automated slide show as it goes around the world.

The custom map is available as a standalone widget for your iGoogle page, or for your site. I've embedded it below, although for the full experience you should check out the standalone page here.