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Google lets you sign into multiple accounts: Gmail x3

From today, Google has turned on the option to sign into multiple Gmail accounts all at the same time

What's better than a Google Gmail account, complete with 7GB of storage? More than one account, of course! Google has turned on the option to sign into multiple accounts at the same time.

Go to your Google account management page, where you change your password and such larks. You can already add your other email addresses, but soon you'll see an option to turn on multiple accounts. Change that to 'on' and you'll be able to add another two Google accounts. If you're still waiting for the new feature, try signing out of Google and back in again.

Bear in mind that multiple accounts will break any offline products, and bookmarks that point to your accounts.

Once you have the new feature, you'll see a drop-down menu next to your email address at the top right of your Google pages. That'll let you choose the right account -- and remember to check you're in the right account when you're sending naughty email...

This feature will be handy for anyone with a personal Gmail address and another for a hobby, band or work. It'll be useful for Gmailers on the Crave team, as our parent behemoth CBS Interactive is mere weeks from switching to Google Apps as our email provider.

Google's Gmail, Calendar, Sites, Reader, Google Voice, App Engine and Code products support multiple sign-in. Other Google sites will bump you to your default account, which is the first account you sign into.