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Google+ iPhone app updated with search, better photo uploads

Newly updated, the Google+ app for iOS devices now includes a search capability, support for full resolution photo uploads, and the ability to +1 photos.

The Google+ iOS app now offers built-in search.
The Google+ iOS app now offers built-in search. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Google has tweaked its Google+ app for the iPhone to add built-in search and a couple of features previously available only on its Web site.

Users of the social network can now search for specific people or posts, just as they can on the Google+ site. A search field appears at the top of the mobile app where one can enter a query by name or keyword.

The app can now handle full resolution photographs, so images should retain their higher resolution after they're uploaded. Photos also can now be recommended by tapping the +1 button next to the image.

In addition to the above changes, Google said it also threw in some bug fixes and performance improvements, though it wasn't specific about what needed fixing or improving.

One improvement yet to surface is iPad optimization. The app continues to be designed for the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPod Touch, so iPad users will still need to run it in a small window or in the lower-resolution full-screen window.