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Google going to revamp its Maps interface at I/O?

With I/O coming up next week, rumors are circulating that the Web giant could give its Maps a major redesign.

Google is said to be working on a redesign of its Maps that might look something like this. Google Operating System

Word has it that Google Maps may be doing a substantial revamp to its interface. According to Google Operating System, a site that gives unofficial news and tips about Google, the Web giant is said to be rolling out an update that takes away sidebars and navigational buttons and concentrates more on one big interactive map.

The unofficial news site posted a pair of maps on Tuesday that it says show what the overhaul will look like. Apparently, what is now displayed in the Google Maps sidebar will be shown on the top of a full-screen map and there will also be new colors and icons to be used on the map. Another supposed change is that search results can supposedly be filtered for recommendations by users' Google+ circles.

Google is constantly tinkering with its maps, adding new features like details for certain countries, live transit information, and high-resolution imagery; but, it's been quite some time since the company has done a major interface redesign.

While Google Operating System doesn't say when it thinks the new interface will be launched, the site does note that Google's I/O is next week and that could be a good time for the company to announce such changes.

CNET contacted Google for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information.